What Is Custom LASIK?

Every individual eye is special. No one understands that better than our doctors at Ishraq Eye Center. Our reputation has been built on innovation and a personal touch. We strive to meet the needs of all our LASIK patients. Our goal is to offer you the custom LASIK services you deserve.

With custom LASIK, the dedicated eye care team at Ishraq can make sure our patients receive the most efficient and effective procedures available for their individual circumstances. Our center is specially equipped to handle all aspects of your LASIK treatment. Please schedule a consultation today to learn more about our custom LASIK options, including bladeless, down-up, and wavefront mapping.

What Does Custom Lasik Cost?


As a custom LASIK patient at Ishraq, you will be more than just a name. We will welcome you as a member of our eye care family. Your treatment will be an individualized process, so the cost of your custom LASIK will depend on your special circumstances.


Whatever your needs, you can count on the friendly, professional staff at Ishraq Eye Center to work closely with you to make custom LASIK an affordable option. We offer payment plans to assist our patients. To learn more about our custom LASIK financing options, including Juaaleh, please schedule a consultation with us today.