What Is Down-Up LASIK?

Down-Up LASIK differs from standard LASIK because the procedure lifts the layer of the cornea in a different direction during surgery. With standard LASIK, the surgeon creates a flap by cutting an almost-complete circle that starts from the temporal side of the eye to the nasal side. Down-Up LASIK, however, makes the flap by starting at the bottom of the eye, so the surgeon can lift the layer of the cornea upward from the lower (down) position. This results in a safer, more natural hinge that can reduce complications and decrease healing time.


Some of the advantages of our Down-Up LASIK include the following:

  • After treatment, the layer is kept in its “natural” position by the blinking of the eye.
  • It is Safer.
  • Quicker return of vision.
  • More comfortable.
  • Can be used on farsighted patients (side to side).

What Does Down-Up LASIK Cost?


As a Down-Up LASIK patient at Ishraq, you will be more than just a name. We will welcome you as a member of our eye care family. Your treatment will be an individualized process, so the cost of your Down-Up LASIK will depend on your special circumstances.

Whatever your needs, you can count on the friendly, professional staff at Ishraq Eye Center to work closely with you to make Down-Up LASIK an affordable option. We offer payment plans to assist our patients. To learn more about our Down-Up LASIK financing options, including Juaaleh, please schedule a consultation with us today.