What Is Revision LASIK?

One of the main reasons LASIK is so popular is the fact that most people are thrilled with the results of the procedure. The vast majority of LASIK patients find that this kind of laser vision correction treatment yields satisfactory results after just one session. However, it is not always possible to have 20/20 vision after one procedure. Revision LASIK is a way for our patients to receive optimal benefits from their laser vision correction.

If you do not feel comfortable with the results of your first LASIK treatment, then our Revision LASIK at Ishraq Eye Center may be a good option for you. We are dedicated to making sure that patients enjoy the full advantages of LASIK. Please contact us today for your initial consultation so you can learn more about our Revision LASIK procedure.

How Is Revision LASIK Performed?


Revision LASIK, also called Secondary LASIK or LASIK Re-Do, is similar to initial LASIK surgery, but there is one exception. Unlike in the original procedure, neither a microkeratome nor a femtosecond laser (such as the FS 200) is used to create the “flap.” Thus, Revision LASIK is more gentle and minimal than original LASIK.
Our Revision LASIK begins with isolating and then lifting the original flap. After this, the doctor uses Shwind Amaris laser to correct vision aberrations. The remodeling of the cornea during Revision LASIK takes only a few seconds.


What Is the Recovery Process for Revision LASIK?


Following your surgery, the recovery process for Revision LASIK is identical to a standard LASIK procedure. It is recommended you closely follow the advice of your doctor to achieve optimal results and avoid complications during the recovery process. In most cases, Revision LASIK solves any issues that remained or occurred following your original surgery.