What Is Wavefront Mapping?

Wavefront mapping, also known as wavefront analyzing, is a technology that diagrams your optic system and diagnoses vision issues, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, refractive errors, and night vision problems. Using a special sensor, wavefront mapping can precisely measure and locate your unique eye imperfections and send this data to the laser performing your LASIK procedure.

The evolution of wavefront mapping in Jordan has increased the efficiency of LASIK surgery. At Ishraq we are experts at working with wavefront mapping and welcome region residents to learn more about this exciting technology. With wavefront mapping, our staff have helped individuals enjoy the benefits of LASIK and laser vision correction.


What Does Wavefront Mapping Cost?


As a wavefront mapping LASIK patient at Ishraq, you will be more than just a name. We will welcome you as a member of our eye care family. Your treatment will be an individualized process, so the cost of your wavefront mapping LASIK will depend on your special circumstances.

Whatever your needs, you can count on the friendly, professional staff at Ishraq Eye Center to work closely with you to make wavefront mapping LASIK an affordable option. We offer payment plans to assist our patients. To learn more about our wavefront mapping LASIK financing options, including Juaaleh, please schedule a consultation with us today.